Beaumaris Castle

[Beaumaris Castle] Edward's moated beauty (every one of his famous castles has something different going for it, in spite of a common thread of advanced fortification technology); this is in a flat area on the southeast coast of the island of Anglesey (near the place where the Romans slaughtered the last great conclave of Druids, vividly described by Tacitus). Last of the Edwardian white elephants (which in effect is what they were, impressive as they may be --each cost the medieval equivalent of a Trident submarine or an aircraft carrier, with pretty much the same effect on Edward's budget deficit, which is one of the reasons he wanted to conquer Wales and Scotland in the first place); in fact, the castle was never properly finished (one of the gatehouses was built only to the height of the adjoining wall walk). The outstanding features are, of course, the moat, and also the concentric plan -- high walls within lower walls, with flanking towers. There is a small dock next to the main gate so that ships could come right up to the castle.

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Applet by:    Photos by: Wyatt James