Grobius Shortling's Ancient British Sites Photographs

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Stone Circles
Roman Ruins
Other Antiquities
Note: There will be some slight distortion, as the picture window is 240 by 360 pixels and the photographs do not conform to this in exact proportions. The pictures were scanned at various resolutions, so vary in 'quality'.

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Stone Circles
Arbor Low (1)
Arbor Low (2)
Arbor Low (3)
Avebury (1)
Avebury (2)
Avebury (3)
Castlerigg (1)
Castlerigg (2)
Rollright Stones
Stanton Moor
Stonehenge (color)
Stonehenge (1)
Stonehenge (2)
Stonehenge (3)
Roman Ruins
Birdoswald (1)
Birdoswald (2)
Hardknott Pass
Other Antiquities
Dornadilla Broch
Nine Maidens
Sueno's Stone
Sleeping Dragon
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