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This only works with Netscape or Explorer (MSIE 4) -- it definitely doesn't work with MSIE-3 or earlier browsers, so if that's what you have click here.

Note: There will be some slight distortion, as the picture window is 280 by 400 pixels, proportional to a 4 by 6 inch print, and the photographs do not conform to this in exact proportions when cropped. However, the effect is nice, don't you think? (For some reason, this script only works on Netscape Navigator, but not on MSIE earlier than version 4.)
The pictures were scanned at various resolutions, so vary in 'quality'. Some of the effects (like the last Urquhart Castle picture -- a pointillist impression) were intentional. Some others just didn't turn out, but I like them anyway. I actually prefer the First Castle Gallery because the pop-up windows are properly sized and framed, hence not distorted by the box dimensions, but a lot of people prefer the slide-show presentation rather than a bunch of separate windows.

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