Witch Academy Great Hall


The Witch Academy Great Hall

Enlarged representation of the Great Hall
("The Convocation of Wicca")

KEY to the PLAN
  • A: To the Library, Common Room, and Keep (also the secret stairs to the crypt)
  • B: Staircase to mintrels' gallery and upper floors
  • C: Chapel/Oratory
  • D: The Throne Oriel
  • E: Entrance from the Inner Court
  • F: To the Amee Gate and Infirmary
  • G: Clerk's Office (Anteroom, Reception)
  • H: Great Fireplace
  • I: Conference Room and spiral stair to tower (two private seminar rooms)
  • X: Garden Terrace


A: The Terrace Walk
B: Chief Clerk's (CFO's) Quarters
C: Instrument Closet (and stairs down)
D: Memorial Chamber (watch tower over)
E: Private Observation Room
F: Minstrels Gallery
G: Open upper part of Great Hall
H: Conference Room, and door to WC (private study over)