Witch Academy Gatehouse


The Witch Academy Gatehouse

A simplified view of the grand tri-towered gatehouse
("The Black Maw")

The Gatehouse and the Keep have been coated with pitch to make them black and stand out against the light brown sandstone of the castle. (Of course this makes them vulnerable to fire, but with witches around, who cares?)

The small building on the right is Reginald's Tower, which houses the utilities and workshop for the academy. Stefan Nodobny the school handiman lives here.


A: Reginald's Tower
B: Servants' Hall (bedrooms above)
C: Retainers' Hall (Guard Room)
D: Common Room (Portcullis Chamber)
E: Apprentices' sitting room (bedrooms above)
F: Faculty Lounge (bedrooms above)
G: Amee Gate (Infirmary and other offices)