Witch Academy Keep


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Simplified view Sectional view

The Witch Academy Keep

Simplified views of the Grand Witch Generalissimo's Keep and the Wicca Quarters

KEY to the PLAN
  • A: Singing-fish and Enchanted Frogs Pool
  • B: The Great Keep (Witchmistress General's Quarters)
  • C: Fireplace and entrance to Meditation Room
  • D: Loo
  • E: Down to the Cellars and Undercrofts
  • F: Up to second floor and entrance to 'Private Bar'; spiral stair for Library
  • G: Garden Terrace and Library Tower
  • H: To the Great Hall

The keep tower was substantially rebuilt just before the First World War, and has been criticized (by many of the faculty) as absurd looking -- Wizard of Oz rocket ship -- and inconviently laid out. Access to all the upper floors is via a spiral staircase located over the lobby leading to the Meditation room. The latter is for the use of the 'fellows' of the college; above it is the grim 'Star Chamber' used for disciplinary trials. The so-called Drawing Room rises two stories (with a mural gallery at the upper level); it is elaborately decorated in a very Yellow-book fashion. Above that are two floors for the Grand Witch, and at the top is the astrological observatory, which only a few people are privileged to visit (the roof is transparent from the inside -- magic).


  • A: The 'Star Chamber'
  • B: Keep Stairway and Loo
  • C: Down to Council Chamber
  • D: Kitchen (warming room, anyway) and stairs to Loft
  • E: Second Floor of Library Tower
  • F: Door to Terrace Walk

G: Drawing Room Mural Gallery Level of Keep