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Who Is Grobius?
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Grobius Shortling is the Internet alias of Wyatt James

This site was originally written in the early part of 1996, but has been expanded considerably since then. The motivation for this web site (in addition to ego gratification) is to entertain and instruct in a variety of areas. There is no particular plan or pattern to the subjects of these web pages -- whatever strikes my fancy at any particular time. I hope you enjoy this site and come back frequently. Additions and updates are on-going.

Born in Harrisburg PA, I have lived in Tucson, Chicago, Tennessee, London, and New York (you won't be able to place me by my accent). Currently live in Brooklyn, which I have no plans of leaving.

Grobius Shortling

My profession is computer programming (mainframe), but the ingrates laid me off after 25 years. That's the way things are nowadays.


I have a number of web sites, reflecting various interests. Please click on the Links Page to see them.

Subjects include: British castles, classic mystery novels, the Academy of Arts and Imbecility, and many ancillary commentaries about various items.