Castles, Stone Circles, and Other Ancient Monuments of Great Britain. Descriptions and pictures of English, Welsh, and Scottish castles visited by the author.
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Grobius Shortling's castle web site was first posted on the Internet in 1996. Every (well, almost every) site mentioned on these pages has been visited by the author and judged from experience. Statements of fact or opinion may be wrong or wrong-headed, but they are honestly given. All photographs were taken by the author, some as early as 1959 (with my Brownie). -- Wyatt James, July 2000

Eilean Donan
Summary Guides

Slowly but surely (this will take forever!), I am posting small Summary guides to individual castles -- in a few cases, like Corfe or Bolsover, something more substantial. View entries in the list in the left column. Alternatively, go to the Black & White Guides section.