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This is the Castles, Stone Circles, and Ancient Monuments Web Ring page (some individual pages have separate memberships, such as Wales and Scotland). In addition, it contains some awards granted to this site -- which is a flattering thing to happen to a web author. Links are also repeated here, although they are of course elsewhere on the site. This page was split off from the Home Page because that was getting too graphic-heavy to load reasonably fast.

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Take a trip to the past, visit the castles of Wales!

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British Heritage Weddings
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For all your wedding organization, planning and arrangement needs when you wish to be married in a castle, manor, inn, stately home or other historical site in ye olde England.

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My apologies for all this webring code and stuff like that, which cause the page longer to load -- the purpose is to drum up accesses to this site, and the more "rings" I join, the better. The subject of castles is important to me. Let us hope that this site will prove useful to you in your pursuit of the best of these fascinating buildings.

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Castles and Ancient Monuments of Great Britain

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Ocean Liners Keeps and Towers Bolsover Castle Tower of London
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Internet Links (Castles & Fortification)

All very random from a great selection of related web sites. On revisiting sites I had bookmarked but not gone to for while in order to create this page, I was upset to find so many URL-not-founds. That's the sad state of the Internet. On the other hand there are dozens of NEW sites just as good, although there is a lot more commercialism now (banner ads, etc.) than a couple of years ago in the more carefree days of the WWW. That is why I am consolidating my Castle links on this page rather than interspersing them throughout my own castle pages. It would be nice to link to related web pages, when appropriate, where each castle is mentioned, but that would be a full-time job. -- Grobius (July 2000)


  • CASTLES OF THE WORLD This marvellous site was destroyed by a hacker a couple of years ago and is a shadow of its former self (but is gradually being reconstructed). The huge list of links and Castle-of-the-month sites are gone. (No, it's all back together again now for the millennium.)
  • CASTLES ON THE WEB One of the original and best large Castle sites, now relocated and revamped (and unfortunately commercialized). It is still your best source for castle information on the Web.
  • CASTLES and FORTIFICATIONS of ENGLAND and WALES A very comprehensive site which is especially notable for having clickable maps so you can locate castles in the areas you might be visiting. A very nice web site (except that it doesn't include Scotland).
  • CASTLES UNLIMITED Well-organized site dedicated to the study and preservation of British castles; also markets books and castle-related items. (You should also take a look at Guinevere's Castles).





Other Links of an Ancillary Nature

  • The Marshall Vauban Web Site Probably the greatest and most influential designer of fortresses in history. Redans and Ravelins and all that great enfilade stuff. [But also read about Master James of St George, who built Edward I's magnificent Welsh castles.]
  • Martello Towers A minor but fascinating sidebar to the history of fortification (one interesting aspect is that this 'national defense' construction project was a political boondoggle, funded by politicians long after the need was gone, in order to enrich their buddies by cornering the brick market -- Martello towers needed millions of bricks.)
  • Palmerston's Forts Another high-tech, for the time (although obsolete even before being finished), swindle of taxpayers' money (like Henry VIII's castles and the Martello towers), but very interesting. [Who was Palmerston? Well, the Daily Telegraph defined him in a crossword clue as "PM's Norma slept uneasily (10)"]
  • Follies This is really fun, the silly pseudo-castles and things like that rich people built to enhance their landscape -- will be a great site once it gets expanded a lot more.

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