This site used to be at, now it is at Why? The first site was fascistically deleted by Tripod -- no warning, no trial -- for violations of 'Terms of Service'. What the violation was, or what disgruntled person turned me in for some perceived offense, they would not tell me, even Customer Service ('We don't keep track of violations, we just delete the web sites' -- note, whole site, not just a page). I doubt very much that anything in 'Castles' would offend, must have been one of my atheistic web pages under the Grobius ID. So here it is again so far as I can reconstruct it from backup stuff. Forgive missing links and graphics.

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Castles and Ancient Monuments in Great Britain

An Aficionado's Guide by Grobius Shortling *

There are have been many incarnations of this web site on the Internet, starting in 1996. Some have survived, some have not. The original was on AOL at Sites, followed by the one at Tripod, which has currently vanished (but is being regenerated as this). There is also the site at About. The main source, however, is Britcastles.Com.

Variations in format abound (I can't leave well enough alone, and never delete anything if I can help it, even if it takes up valuable web space. Various hot links on the sites will get you into variant menus -- if you care.

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Qualifications: Grobius Shortling is an alias (what parent would ever inflict such a name on a person?). However, as a man nearing the age of 60, having started to 'collect' castles at the age of 12 and pursuing that hobby off and on ever since, he does know the subject pretty well, if not academically. It is not so much the history as the architecture and aesthetic appearance that is the most consuming interest. Some of the pictures on this site were actually taken in 1956 with a Brownie camera. All of the photographs on these pages were taken by the author, and almost every castle mentioned personally visited.